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"Of several candidates who were interviewed for the terrain artist position, it was an easy decision for me to choose Mikeal. His previous work showed both an artistic and technical competence and proficiency which was immediately impressive and he also displayed an interest and passion for the subject, well beyond any other candidate.
In the brief period we worked together he lived up to my expectations admirably; he applied himself with diligence and determination, he quickly adapted to difficult and complex procedures and he delivered results every day. He stayed on schedule and exhibited a work ethic which I appreciated deeply. He maintained a proactive communicative style and in many ways was a joy to manage. I would heartily recommend Mikeal as an artist and I know that he would prove himself to be an asset any manager would be happy to have on-board."

Aaron O'Bryan-Herriott,
Art Lead, Microsoft Aces
January, 2009
"Mikeal did an exceptional job with the localization projects he worked on. He showed excellent attention to detail, thoroughness, and was very resourceful in finding the most efficient ways to get the translations into the final art. He required very little supervision, was quick to pick up the production process, and received high praise from his co-workers at the end of projects. He is easy going, personable, and communicates well. I would definitely hire Mikeal again for future projects. It was a pleasure working with him."

Tim Burke,
Creative Director, Her Interactive
August, 2008