I’m getting Close with 64bit PC version of killwhite and killcolor. I’m going to need testers to understand how stable it really is. I’m using an alpha version of FilterMeister so there is no guarantee it wont crash photoshop but so far it looks very promising.

I’ve found ways to get around some limitations in killcolor that prevented me from releasing it so that will be very exciting. I’ll show more examples once I release it but this preview holds true.

Please email me to become a tester.
It may still be a couple weeks depending on my schedule but it shouldn’t be any longer than that.

I’ve also added this thing, a few of you have been requesting it for a while now.

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Future Photoshop Filter Development

Thanks for all the comments of late, I’ve been traveling and its been hard to reply to everyone. I’m back and will try to address everyone’s concerns.

So the truth is I’m a self taught programmer, which means I’m currently in the amateur class. The native Photoshop API is a little over my head, which is currently the only viable way to develop native plugins. I have so far relied on filter platforms such as Pixel Bender and Filter Meister. Pixel Bender is no longer supported and Filter Meister is only 32bit which is starting to get aged out.

So how can I continue developing?

As I currently see it I will need to start working externally to Photoshop. I need to create a system the exports a layer into an external application where the processing takes place, then copy it back into PS. This will likely be somewhat cumbersome. If I can make it work well enough maybe others will fallow. Who knows.

Photoshop Layer >> External Application >> Photoshop Layer

So far Java appears to be a great language to work in, but Abobe Air or Flash might have some advantages as well (pixel bender can run inside of both, cough cough). So we’ll just have to see.

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Kill Color!

I just got Kill Color working, which can remove a targeted color from an image without altering it in any other way. It preserves Value while removing a targeted Hue. It needs lots more features before it will be very useful but it works! (Its Alive!)

It will be able to remove a targeted color, replace a color, color to alpha, some basic color targeted HSL transforms, and what ever else I can dream up. It will defiantly have green screen like abilities, but I will probable make a separate plugin more dedicated towards green screening after I release this one.

see bellow for some early examples of it capabilities!

distracting backgrounds are easily removed. the blue that was reflected in her eyes and teeth were also removed, no traces are left of targeted colors. image source

and just a little more touch up to remove the yellow bounce light from her face. In this case not all yellow was removed, just enough.

note that the “blue” that is left is actually magenta a critical distinction. image source

delicate color blends are preserved, and look just as they did in the original image. image source

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Just updated the themes on my blog and have now integrated my art portfolio! Been meaning to do this for a while, finally found the time.

Continuing work on Kill Color,  cousin of the ever popular Kill White. Yes it will work! But it is much harder and not nearly as straight forward as Kill White, which means there will be tons of options. Count on it.

also trying to learn C++ so I will hopefully soon enough be making full fledged Mac and 64 bit versions of my plugins!

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Kill White

Getting lots of comments lately, I going out of town for a long weekend. I will try to address issues and comment when I return!

Kill White is a Photoshop Filter that actively removes white from an image (unlike the ‘Multiply’ blend mode), perfectly leaving the rest of the image, whether the image is black-and-white or color.
However, this is not simple masking. Pixels that are partly transparent are altered so as to only remove the white portion. Shadows and gradients will remain in the image, only white is removed.

I made this Filter with my good friend Yael Martiz.


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