Faster Match Color V1 Script

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Faster Match Color V1 Script

I love what Match Color in Photoshop can do, I’m just annoyed by how it works. I think its great that I can select layers from other documents…
I just wish it would auto select the document I’m working in!

Most often I just want to match it to the layer bellow the one I have selected¬† (because I’m blending them together). It can not be done in actions, so I made a script.

Download the script here

CS3/CS4 (32/64)
Windows.. probably (Cant test for mac.)

To Install:
copy the script to:
C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop XXX\Presets\Scripts

To Run:
(In photoshop)
Filter/Faster Color Match V1
This will use any selections made like normal.

Step by step:
Grabs the selected doc name to populate the “Source” drop down.
Selects the layer bellow, uses it’s layername to populate the “Layer” drop down.
Selects the previous layer,
runs match color.

This script is not complicated so its not “closed source”, you are free to play with it.
Just don’t claim my work as yours, give proper credit where its due.

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