Future Photoshop Filter Development


Future Photoshop Filter Development

Thanks for all the comments of late, I’ve been traveling and its been hard to reply to everyone. I’m back and will try to address everyone’s concerns.

So the truth is I’m a self taught programmer, which means I’m currently in the amateur class. The native Photoshop API is a little over my head, which is currently the only viable way to develop native plugins. I have so far relied on filter platforms such as Pixel Bender and Filter Meister. Pixel Bender is no longer supported and Filter Meister is only 32bit which is starting to get aged out.

So how can I continue developing?

As I currently see it I will need to start working externally to Photoshop. I need to create a system the exports a layer into an external application where the processing takes place, then copy it back into PS. This will likely be somewhat cumbersome. If I can make it work well enough maybe others will fallow. Who knows.

Photoshop Layer >> External Application >> Photoshop Layer

So far Java appears to be a great language to work in, but Abobe Air or Flash might have some advantages as well (pixel bender can run inside of both, cough cough). So we’ll just have to see.

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