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I’m getting Close with 64bit PC version of killwhite and killcolor. I’m going to need testers to understand how stable it really is. I’m using an alpha version of FilterMeister so there is no guarantee it wont crash photoshop but so far it looks very promising.

I’ve found ways to get around some limitations in killcolor that prevented me from releasing it so that will be very exciting. I’ll show more examples once I release it but this preview holds true.

Please email me to become a tester.
It may still be a couple weeks depending on my schedule but it shouldn’t be any longer than that.

I’ve also added this thing, a few of you have been requesting it for a while now.

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2 Responses to “64Bit”

  1. Bradley Saunders says:

    I used to use the KillWhite plugin in CS5/6. It was amazing for my workflows which involved object cut outs for retaining shadow information. I’m in urgent need of this back in my life and will donate when the final CC edition is released.

    Amazing work!

    Kind regards


  2. Gates Bradley says:

    I use a mac, and not a PC, but just wanted to reiterate how rad it is that you’re developing this again. Honestly, in all this time, no one has come up with a way that works anywhere near as good as your filter. I will donate 100% once this is up and running. Thank you Mike.