Generic Photoshop Installer 1.0

After all my scripting projects I decided an actual installer would be great to have, instead of one off creations. So I made a generic installer that can handle just about any type of file you want to install into Photoshop. Including: brushes, Scripts, Filters, Actions, and many more. This installer does error checking on every file and folder regardless how many, and produces a log file. (you may need to extract the zip first to produce a log file) Read the rest of this post »

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Combining Normal Maps

I recently realized that long time game professionals still use the Overlay mode transfer to combine normal maps. This is not accurate and results in image degradation.
Let me show you.

In this test I will compair overlay mode transfer to an action file made by Rod Green. I combined two normal maps with both methods. They look very similar, it is hard to visually tell the difference. Luckily there is another method to measure accuracy.

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Passion Fruit Games

Some friends of mine have been working on a new project over at Passion Fruit Games. They are getting ready to release a new game!!  Its based on a romance novel by best-selling author Marjorie M. Liu. This is the same group that made Nancy Drew Dossier: Resorting to Danger! and was called the “Best hidden object game of 2009” (yahoo games)
Yes I know it was made by a different company… Passion Fruit Games split off from HER Interactive to make and produce their own games. Hopefully they will be making some pretty exciting stuff. I’m looking forward to it!

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Star Trek TOS -Iron on Insignia (Science, Command, Engineering)

I made this as a printable iron on badge as apart of my Halloween costume. Curiously I could find no other similar art, or really even high res images of the badge.
Because of the popularity I have now included all of the badges.

so here you go, right click save as.
Please do not reproduce for commercial purposes. see license below.

Science/medical Insignia (Blue shirt)

Command Insignia (yellow shirt)

Engineering/Security Insignia (Red Shirt)

Creative Commons License
printable_trek_badge by Mikeal Simburger is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.

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Challenge- Future Weapon

Continuing to work on the melee challenge. This still needs more details, but definitely the way I want to go. Added two Tesla coils, I thought having two or three would be a unique arrangement. not so. After some research I found out there are devices far more powerful the Tesla coils, Pelletrons although they are much less exciting looking as its large industrial equipment.
Some of the bigger generators of any variety can hurt someone. Not with the smaller ones, size matters. So these need to look much more futuristic to escape that fact. You know, defying physics and all.


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