Normal Map Update

Recently while contracting at HER Interactive I had an opportunity to demonstrate my normal map script to the art team. They loved it! (why wouldn’t they?) Before I demoed it I rolled together the latest code.

The update can be found here.

the update produces clearer normals that don’t look like clay. some other clean up as well.

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Military Referance

From Arlington Fly-In 2008, not complete I was running out of batteries… so variety over quality.
I volunteer for this event every year.
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normal script ver 2, ideas

I know I haven’t quite finished ver 1..
but I know ver 2 will focus on UI updates, and more preview options.

this is an idea for part of the new ui. The “weighting” is somewhat hard to explain.. by virtue of how my normals are made the visibility of different scale of the details can be altered. so small details like 5 pixels size can be more visible then details 200 pixels. or bigger details can be more visible… its all defined by an equation. Right now the equation is hard coded but I think it’d be way awesome to let you edit it as you desire. possibly save your own curves. My last post show the difference between two equations. One makes it look like clay, the other sharper edged. I want to pass that level of control to you.


the idea would be to replace the “Detail selection range” which is a clipping mask of sorts for detail size.  The current features would still be used, this is just a huge expansion of it. Not only will you be able to decide what is viable, you can decide how visible it is.

current ver 1:

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Tuning Normals

Working on tuning my Normal Map Script….
I’ve greatly improved the clarity of the normals produced. This is definitely still being tweaked. This represents about 50% of the improvements I want before I release an update. This was the easy half…. To really pop out the small scale details will require to include a new algorithm to be combined with the current.
I want this to work amazing on its own, without needing to combine it with the nvidia plug in.
If it takes me a while I will release this version, but I want more.


click to enlarge!

Also just filed to start a Flight Sim ad-on Company, I will add more details here as it comes into being!

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Normal Map Script Released!!

Well its here! My first release version of My Normal Map Script!

Its v.9 because it needs some tuning. I Rebuilt the algorithm to be over 2x faster and to include extra features however, it seams to have gotten soft on the small res details.  It will get a tune up soon. Updates will be posted here.


-Future features:
batch processing, New UI, More Preview functionality, adjustable detail weight(maybe), Mac support (currently not tested)

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