Leavenworth Wa- Bavarian Reference Photos

So I was trying to have a nice weekend with my family… on our way to go fly our Hot Air Balloon in Winthrop the truck broke down in Leavenworth. We were stuck in Leavenworth for about 24 hours. Really not the worst place. Its kinda touristy, its an old logging community re-designed as a Bavarian town. Everything is Germanic now. Imported beers, cured meat, cheese, Bavarian waffle house, the works. I did take a bunch of photos of the whole town.
So quasi old Bavarian reference photos I have.

Example images,
Full resolution as they came out of my camera bellow.
Google Maps of Leavenworth

35 Photos 102mb ZIP

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FAA Form337 Renders

My dad wants to modify his hot air balloon to carry extra usable fuel. I’ve taken my Flight Sim balloon and modified it for use as the technical illustrations. 337 is reference to the paperwork which allows for the modification of a standard aircraft into a configuration not specified by the manufacture, while still maintaining the status of a standard aircraft. These drawings will become a physical part of the aircraft if accepted by the FAA.

Standard fuel configuration per manufacture specs. Fuel System= purple.

Modified version, green= the modification.

I’m using mostly ink and paint to render. besides the colors there is a value difference in case this gets photocopied.


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Coraline -trailer

Nightmare Before Christmas meets Beetlejuice, stunning stop motion job for sure. I look forward to seeing it.

read about it at Wired

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More About Mike

So I suppose to Start this off I should tell you who I am..
Mikeal Simburger-
I’m a 3d Modeler, Photoshop expert, digital media artist.  While I’m not really a gamer, I do enjoy making games.

I fly hot air balloons. I’m not a pilot. I am the crew chief. I’m in charge of all ground operations, chasing, all other crew, communication with the balloon, and general safety. I have traveled to Mexico, chased across the cascades, and launched my dad over Mount Rainer.

I love playing with new tech. Who doesn’t?
I once was able to eject all the CD trays in all of my college’s labs at the same time. It was awesome.

This blog is for my art work, experiments, and ramblings.


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