Normal Map Script

When I was first introduced to Nvidia’s Normal Map script I was dissatisfied. Lots of forums and blogs speak favorably of it, I don’t understand why. I said I could do better, and after much work off and on for the past year these are the results.

What is Does:
It produces Tangent Space normal maps from images, such as bump maps, photos, painted textures inside Photoshop. Well, it prepares the images, I still have to use x-normal’s normalization filter to produce the image correctly.

It has some basic editing capabilities.
The “detail selection range”  allows you to select the details you want to process by size, and it dynamically changes the algorithm based on it. The narrower the range the faster it goes runs.
You can also customize the colors. Some engines use different color schemes, you can pick whatever colors you want (full rgb).



One Response to “Normal Map Script”

  1. Joe says:

    I like it. It is very handy for texturing.